LOGISTIFY – understand the world of logistics!

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This learning app "Logistify" looks into the different means of transport, their careful and efficient use of resources as well as the illustration of the different professions in the logistics sector. The games demand transportation planning skills of their users. The task is to efficiently transport the different goods from point A to point B, to plan multimodal transport chains from the raw material to the end customer and to discover the professions of the logistics area.

Game 1:
Your transportation planning skills are needed! We want to transport different goods from A to B. Our focus lies on choosing the best means of transport (truck, train or inland vessel) possible. The transport should be as ecological and economical efficient as possible.

Game 2:
Plan the transport with the cards on the basis of the means of transport, the production facilities and plants. So that the transport can proceed optimally, YOU have to choose the appropriate means of transport, whose advantages lie especially in long distances.

Game 3:
During a personal chat, you can find out which tasks belong to which profession and which characteristics are needed.

Here you can find the download-link!

Documents for the app: for the optimal use of the augmented reality games 1 and 2 special markers are needed, which need to be printed and cut out. We gladly send them via mail.

Alexandra Haller | alexandra.haller@fh-steyr.at | +43 5 0804 33270