• Inland waterway transport as environmentally friendly way of carrying goods?

    Inland waterway transport can be described as the most effective and most environmentally friendly mode of transport... more
  • Are inland vessels too slow to be competitive?

    Referring to the factor "time" inland waterway transport can often not compete with other modes of transport. Hence, when deciding whether to integrate inland vessels into the transport chain or not the factor time must always be balanced with cost aspects. But when properly planned there is high potential for saving in transporting goods which are flexible in terms of timing via inland vessel. more
  • Why "Open Content" and what does that mean?

    The main part of our offers is available under a so called "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence". Thus, all content created by us is free to use, adapt and integrate into your classes/lectures and you can hand them over to third parties. All of these materials are marked with a special sign. Solely not from us produced content, e.g. main part of the films are not open content. more
  • How to book an excursion or a guest lecture?

    Choose of the two topics "book excursion" or "book guest lecture". Within these two points you find a variety of different excursions and guest lectures. If you are interested in one of the offers you can directly get in contact and book you individual excursion/guest lecture. more
  • What is REWWay?

    REWWay (Research and Education in Inland Waterway Logistics) is the result of cooperation between Logistikum Steyr and via donau (The company via donau is responsible for the Austrian part of the Danube.) The aim of the project is to promote the topic of logistics in inland waterways in national and international research and educational facilities. In fact, the main focus is to train logisticians with knowledge of eco-friendly inland navigation and its connection to other modes of transport. more
  • How do I book a "Transport School Lab" and what is a Transport School Lab?

    Frequently asked questions about Transport School Labs are listed and answered. more
  • How can I integrate and use the content in my lessons?

    In our online handbook, you will get an overview of the teaching materials offered on the different platforms and their possible integration into the lessons. This recommendation is based on a curriculum analysis of the Austrian general and vocational higher full-time schools with a focus on logistics. more