Why "Open Content" and what does that mean?

To enable you to adequately use and integrate our learning and teaching material into your classes or lectures it is of utmost importance for us to enable you to adapt our offers to your individual requirements. We would like you to have the possibility to modify our contents to your special needs, e.g. depending on the available time, on different target groups as well as to define your personal focus.

For that reason the main part of our offers is available under a so called "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence". Thus, all content created by us is free to use, adapt and integrate into your classes/lectures and to hand them over to third parties (students, colleagues,...). All of these "open content" is especially marked with this sign  . We just ask you to keep the REWWay-logo visible at the materials. Hence, you help us to reach our goal to create awareness on our platform and to foster the integration of inland waterway transport into training and education.

Solely not from us produced content, e.g. main part of the films is not open content.