How do I book a "Transport School Lab" and what is a Transport School Lab?

Frequently asked questions about Transport School Labs are listed and answered below:

What is a Transport School Lab?

Our Transport School Labs are workshops on sustainable transport of goods. Special attention is paid to interactive knowledge transfer and awareness raising through innovative teaching and learning methods such as best practice examples, digital game elements, competitive situations and prototyping workshops. The workshops will be offered by employees of the Logistikum and will be held half and full day.

Who is the target group of the Transport School Labs?

Transport School Labs primarily involve school classes, which are students from vocational schools, new secondary schools, grammar schools or schools with school leaving exams. However, the workshops are also offered to other interested people and students and it is also possible for companies to book a Transport School Lab for their apprentices.

What contents are imparted in a Transport School Lab?

The program of a Transport School Lab is individually adapted to the group. It is therefore possible for the teacher to determine the focus of the programme. Usually, a variety of topics related to sustainable transport of goods are covered. Topics include modes of transport such as inland waterways, trends in logistics such as digitalization and occupational fields in the logistics sector.

As the Transport School Labs are offered both half and full day and are adapted to the group and the teacher's wishes, the program varies. Concrete possible program points are, for example:

  • Interactive lecture about "sustainable transport systems – the inland vessel as part of the transport chain”
  • Future Transport Ideas: Participants work in teams to develop transport ideas for the future.
  • Logistify: our learning app is used in the workshop using tablets
  • Transport cost calculation
  • Professions Activity 

Where do our Transport School Labs took place?

We offer our Transport School Labs throughout Austria and internationally. We have two locations in Upper Austria, where Transport School Labs are held regularly: at the Ennshafen and at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr, as well as a partner in Carinthia. If it is not possible for you to come to one of our locations, we will gladly come to you.

What does a Transport School Lab cost?

In the case of a Transport School Lab, there are costs for travel and meals on site. The journey to one of our locations has to be organized by yourself.

How do I book a "Transport School Lab"?

If you would like to book a Transport School Lab or have any questions, simply contact us by e-mail at We will be happy to arrange an appointment with you, as well as the duration and exact program of the Transport School Lab.