What is REWWay?

REWWay- Research and Education in Inland Waterway Logistics

REWWay is the result of cooperation between Logistikum Steyr and via donau (The company via donau is responsible for the Austrian Part of the Danube.) The aim of the project is to promote the topic of logistics in inland waterways in national and international research and educational facilities. In fact, the main focus is to train logisticians with knowledge of eco-friendly inland navigation and its connection to other modes of transport.

Inland navigation and railways operate at a low noise level and prevent congestions on roads. Nevertheless, trucks are used for the majority of freight transport. In fact, people tend to lack knowledge concerning inland navigation and its connections with other modes of transport. Therefore, REWWay generates didactically valuable materials to close this gap.

The cooperation between Logistikum Steyr and via donau started in June 2012 and is set to last for many years. The competence center REWWay ensures access to contents and materials about inland navigation for research and educational facilities. The target group consists of pupils between 14 and 20, students and all others who require further training in inland waterway topics.

Development of target group specific contents

At the beginning national and international market research, including workshops and interviews, was conducted. As a result, requirements for the target group i.e. concerning subjects, didactical methods etc. were defined. Based on this, target group specific materials were generated, which are now available free of charge (under a so called Creative Commons License) on our information platform. This material includes for example set of slides, case studies, excursions, lecture notes, exercises, or short films.

Another important part of REWWay is the development of offers for the target group "economy". These offers include for example seminars, workshops, specialized lectures and networking events.

These objectives are in line with the transport policy of the EU and of Austria

A shift to eco-friendlier means of transport is absolutely necessary, since the overall traffic volume is rising. Indeed, the anchoring of eco-friendly inland navigation is in accordance with transport and regional objectives in the EU.