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The bundle "international waterways" gives an overview and provides an introduction to inland navigation. It consists of slides, a reader and a film with fitting exercise plus solution.

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  • International waterways

    The slide set "International Waterways" serves as an introduction to the topic inland navigation and provides information on international waterways as China, USA or South America.  - you are free to use, adapt and share this slides.

  • Reader: International waterways

    The reader is recommended as an addition to the slide set "International Waterways". The reader provides more detailed information on international waterways and also explains different characteristics of waterways.  - you are free to use, adapt and share this document.

  • Panel Discussion "Green Logistics"

    Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life, including logistics and transport. Due to the currency of the topic, a conference on "Green Logistics" will be held with a panel discussion of experts. In addition to Green Logistics in general, the connection with inland waterways as an environmentally friendly transport alternative will also be discussed.

    Duration: 60-90 minutes
    School level: from upper school
    Difficulty: easy-medium
    • Students know what Green Logistics is.
    • Students know facts and figures about the different modes of transport.
    • Students understand the relation betwen Green Logistics and the different modes of transport.

  • Film: Charting the course: Marco Polo supports Europe´s inland waterways

    Marco Polo (II) is a programme of the European Union, which financially supports innovative projects to shift traffic and transport from road to rail or inland waterways. Apart from general information the video shows some practical examples of inland waterway and presents the Marco Polo project.

    Playtime: 3:32:00
  • Train-the-Trainer Manual - How do I integrate the content into the classroom?

    In our Train-the-Trainer manual, we explain to you why the integration of logistics topics into the classroom is important, how you can best work with our teaching materials, and you will receive an overview of the content provided as well as other offers.