Wind power plants on board of vessels - environmeltal friendly transport for clean energy

A special project launched at the transhipment site of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg in the year 2011 now ensures the supply of parts and components to a neigbouring wind park. The companies Mierka Donauhafen Krems and Prangl organize the transhipment of turbine components on the transhipment site belonging to via donau east of Vienna.

Concrete sections of the towers for the wind turbines are unloaded along a 100-metre transhipment point. One to two inland vessels arrive every week. Ideally, each vessel can transport a complete 135-metre high tower comprising of around 50 concrete sections with a total weight of 1,600 tons.

Transhipment is effected by a mobile 400-ton caterpillar crane. The parts each weigh between 20 and 52 tons and are either loaded directly onto special trucks or held temporarily in special storage areas. Delivery by ahip and unloading is generally carried out step-by-step taking around two days to completely discharge each vessel.

Utilisation of the transhipment site in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg means that the parts can be transported almost to their final destination by means of environmentally-friendly inland vessels. In doing so, the use of road to transport the parts to the wind farm - around 100 special transport operations per wind turbine - has been reduced to a minimum.

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