Danubia Speicherei - magnesium transport

  • Source and destination: From the ARA ports via Enns to the customer
  • Means of transport:  Inland vessels, maritime vessel, truck and railway
  • Type of transport process: Split multimodal transport (switch of transport mode)
  • Cargo: Magnesium (bulk cargo)

The Danubia Speicherei GmbH is a transhipment, storage and freight forwarding company located at the Port of Enns. The company is responsible for the worldwide customer-specific purchase of various raw materials and also their storage in its own warehouses. From the Port of Enns the goods are transported directly to the customer.

The Danubia Speicherei organises, for example, the transport of fused magnesia or sintered magnesia from China. The raw material is shipped by maritime vessels from China to the Port of Vlissingen and the Port of Terneuzen, which are both located in the Netherlands, or the ARA ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp). From there, the magnesia is loaded onto inland vessels and then transported to the Port of Enns via the Rhine, the Main and the Main-Danube-Canal. There, the goods are transhipped by cranes with a loading capacity between 16 to 40 tons and stored in sorted boxes. At the customer´s demand, the goods are removed from stock and transported to their final destination by railway or truck.

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