Interactive Exercises

We offer numerous and diverse exercises. All exercises are available free of charge and can be adapted by you for your purpose. You can use the exercises together with a suitable teaching material bundle or use the exercise on its own.

The individual exercises indicate how long the exercise lasts, the age group or school level for which it is suitable and the learning objectives. All exercises can also be found under all teaching materials. Below you will find a list of the exercises divided into the different types of exercises. Have fun browsing and using them!

Film Exercises

• Port of Vienna
• Next Generation Inland Waterway Ship - The Vessel
• Port Jobs
• The Danube: Waterway – Economic Region – Home and Habitat
• Charting the course: Marco Polo supports Europe´s inland waterways
• European maritime transport space without barriers - Short Sea Shipping
• Inland water vessel as environmental friendly transport alternative
• Samskip - Port of Rotterdam

Case studies

• Case Study: Cargo transport by inland waterway, rail, road and multimodal solutions

• Case Study - Eco-friendly transport strategy


• Inland Navigation Dictionary Quiz
• Crossword Puzzle Inland Waterway Transport


• Stowage plan
• travel time calculation
• Calculation of Transport Costs
• Logistify documents

• Synchromodality Game

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