Steel transport from Linz to overseas countries

The company Industrie-Logistik-Linz (ILL) provides logistics services troughout the entire supply chain. The company has offices in Austria (Linz and Steyr) and the Netherlands (Moerdijk). 500,000 tons of steel are transported annually between Linz and Moerdijk on inland vessels. While ILL organizes transhipment in Linz and monitors the transport to the Netherlands, an inland navigation service provider or partner company is responsible for the physical carriage by ship.

The steel products are collected by railway wagons from several warehouses on the production site. Following this, they are transported to the covered transhipment hall which is located at the factory port of the voestalpine in Linz. From there, the goods are directly transhipped from the wagons onto inland vessels. For this covered transhipment, a gantry crane with a maximum capacity up to 35 tons is used. Subsequently, the goods are transported to Moerdijk by pushed convoy. There, the steel products are transhipped onto a maritime vessel and then transported to seaports located near the final customers. The latter are located in countries such as Brazil, the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia or South Africa. In most cases, end-haulage is done by railway, though sometimes by trucks, as the best matching means of transport also depends on the size of the steel products.

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