Bundles » Development trends and innovation in logistics

The bundle consists of a power point, a reader, a film, exercises with fitting solutions and relevant links and gives an overview of trends and innovations in the transport sector. The most important trends in the transport sector for inland navigation are described in more detail and their significance for inland navigation is discussed.

At the beginning of the PowerPoint presentation you will find the learning objectives and target groups of the bundled teaching materials. The reader as well as the exercises and films serve to consolidate and deepen the learning objectives.

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  • Development Trends and innovation

    This set of slides provides you with an overview of development trends in logistics an inland navigation. E.g. the 4 drivers for development of innovations were described as well as transport concepts and digital business models.

      - you are free to use, adapt and share this set of slides.

  • Reader - Development trends and innovation

    The document provides you with additional information on the set of slides "Development trends an innovation".

    - You are free to use, adapt and share this reader.

  • Film: Next Generation Inland Waterway Ship

    The NEWS project has developed a Next Generation European Inland Waterway Ship and logistics system to make container transport on inland waterways more cost-, time- and ecologically efficient.

    Playtime: 12:07:55
  • Synchromodality Game

    The aim of this board game is to teach the players the basic elements of synchromodality in a playful way. The game can be played with employees, students and pupils or with interested people.
    The players act as logistics service providers and have to fulfil transport orders using inland waterways, rail and road. In the course of fulfilling the transport orders, costs are caused, CO2 is emitted an…

  • Train-the-Trainer Manual - How do I integrate the content into the classroom?

    In our Train-the-Trainer manual, we explain to you why the integration of logistics topics into the classroom is important, how you can best work with our teaching materials, and you will receive an overview of the content provided as well as other offers.