REWWay-Network-Event and Website Presentation

Within the framework of REWWay a big network-event with more than 80 stakeholders from economy, research and education took place on the 23th of April at the port of Enns. Prior goal of the event was to introduce the new developed REWWay online information platform and its variety of offers. In parallel to different guest lectures from leading experts on the topic, several station operations offered different tutorials for our REWWay-assortment. Addittionally participants were able to try out the LEGO-transhipment simulator and visit the exhibition vessel NEGRELLI. The event was complemented by a port cruise and a network lunch to enable students to get in touch with stakeholders from research and economy. The REWWay team would like to thank everyone for the great feedback on the event as well as on our platform and is looking forward to the upcoming REWWay-events.