High and heavy transport by Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik GmbH & Co KG

  • Source and destination: From Linz to the United States of America
  • Means of transport: Inland vessel, maritime vessel and truck
  • Type of transport process: Split multimodal transport (switch of transport mode)
  • Cargo: Columns (general cargo)

To ensure optimal performance of heavy goods transport, Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik GmbH und Co KG uses the transport modes rail, road and inland waterway. In addition, the company operates specialised ports for heavy cargo in Linz (Austria) and Krefeld (Germany).

For example the transhipment of five columns - pillared devices used in process technology - was conducted at the heavy cargo port of Linz as the initial point of the transport. Due to the geographical proximity of Felbermayr´s production and warehouse facilities, along with the heavy cargo port, it was possible to arrange a transport solution that met the customer´s requirements for maximum cost-efficiency.

With a length of about 71.5 metres and a total diameter of about four metres, the columns manufactured by BIS VAM Anlagentechnik are among the biggest products ever manufactured in Felbermayr´s production hall in Linz. Following the manufacture of the five columns, each weighing 90 tons, they were loaded onto self-motorised trailers by means of an indoor crane and brought to the nearby open storage area where the final surface treatment was carried out by assigned companies. From there, the columns were loaded onto inland vessels at the Felbermayr heavy cargo port. Transport via the Main and Rhine to the seaport of Rotterdam and the subsequent shipment to the destination in the United States by maritime vessels was carried out by partners.

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