Logistical utilisation of RIS by Industrie-Logistik-Linz

The company Industrie-Logistik-Linz (ILL) has taken on a pioneering role in the utilisation of River Information Services (RIS) for the planning and handling of inland waterway transport. River Information Services were conceived with the aid of European funding, and in close cooperation with via donau, with the aim of networking all companies in the logistics chain of transport electronically (e.g. shipping companies, port/terminal operators) thus making data exchange simpler.

With the aid of the so-called TES service (Transport Execution Status), ILL can access the current transport status of the inland waterway transport of an order. This also includes cargo-related information (type and quantity), the estimated arrival time at the port of destination as well as position and vessel data.

In addition, ILL uses the DoRIS value-added sevices which it links with its in-house system "i-logistics". In doing so, the latest water levels and operating status of locks for the Austrian stretch of the Danube provided by via donau can be displayed both in table form and graphically on a chart.

Combined with the position and cargo data, this allows ILL to optimise and enhance the management of the transhipment including all the resources and infrastructure this requires. It also enables the calculation of the stock levels for a specific period of time.

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