Transport of organic wheat from the Pannonian region via Vienna to Zurich

  • Source and destination: From the Pannonian region via Vienna to Zurich
  • Means of transport: Inland vessel, truck and railway
  • Type of transport process: Split multimodal transport (switch of transport mode)
  • Cargo: Organic wheat (bulk cargo)

Established at the Port of Albern, the company Bioprodukte Piczker GmbH has been operating as owner and manager of a grain silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons, with further capacity for 8,000 tons currently under construction.

For the transport of 900 tons of organic wheat from Vienna to Zurich all three transport modes (road, rail and waterway) are used. The majority of the 10-day journey from Vienna to Zurich is carried out by inland vessel.

The wheat is transported from the Pannonian region to the silo at the Port of Vienna by truck. There, the freight is stored temporarily in temperature-monitored storage silos and its quality checked. During the course of two days, the entire cargo volume is loaded onto an inland vessel using conveyor equipment (bucket elevators and trough chain conveyors). To guarantee optimum use of loading space, a flexible flushing pipe is used to fill the cargo hold. After this, the organic wheat is transported to the Port of Basel via the Danube and the Rhine, where a crane equipped with a grabber is used to unload the vessel. The final section of the transport to the customer is carried out by railway.

Martin Pinczker, Managing Director of Bioprodukte Pinczker GmbH: "The transport solution of using an inland vessel is the most efficient one for our needs, in terms of cost as well as in terms of carbon footprint. Due to its location and infrastructure, the Port of Vienna provides optimum conditions for the distribution of Austrian surplus and export grain."

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