Bundles » Ports and inland vessels

The bundle "Ports and inland vessels" contains a set of slides, a reader, films, exercises with fitting solutions and relevant links. The bundle provides an overview of the different types of inland vessels, explains the basic structure of a port and describes transhipment facilities.

At the beginning of the PowerPoint presentation you will find the learning objectives and target groups of the bundled teaching materials. The reader as well as the exercises and films serve to consolidate and deepen the learning objectives.


  • Ports and inland vessels

    This set of slides "Ports and inland vessels" provides information on the tasks and functions of ports as well as the cargo handling facilities and deals specifically with the ports along the Danube.  - you are free to use, adapt and share this slides.

  • Reader: Ports and inland vessels

    The document provides you with additional information on the set of slides "Ports and inland vessels". It contains an overview of the different types of inland vessels, the cargo they typically transport as well as of the Danube fleet.  - you are free to use, adapt and share this document.

  • Inland Navigation Memory

    The following memory is based on the Dictionary of Inland Navigation (available online at https://www.rewway.at/en/teaching-materials/dictionary-inland-navigation/).

    Duration: 15 minutes

    School level: lower grade

    Difficulty: easy-medium

    Learning objectives:

    • You know and understand the most impoortant terms of inland navigation. 

    -  You are free to use, adapt and share th...

  • Inland Navigation Dictionary Quiz

    Try our inland navigation dictionary quiz to better remember the relevant terms related to inland waterway transport. The dictionary on inland navigation will support you to solve the quiz.

    Duration: about 10 minutes.

     - you are free to use, adapt and share this exercise.

  • Port Jobs

    There are various job opportunities in the transport logistics sector. The film presents three different job profiles in the field of (inland) ports: captain and harbourmaster; operation manager at a terminal; shipping worker; You have the possibility to just watch the film with the job profile you are interested at.

    Playtime: 9:02:00
    Playtime: 3:29:00
    Playtime: 1:53:00
    Playtime: 2:07:00
  • Train-the-Trainer Manual - How do I integrate the content into the classroom?

    In our Train-the-Trainer manual, we explain to you why the integration of logistics topics into the classroom is important, how you can best work with our teaching materials, and you will receive an overview of the content provided as well as other offers.